Royal 4: Logistics in a Box

WISE provides logistics off the shelf and out of the box



  1. WISE: Is a logistics system that manages and controls of the flow of materials, supplies, and assets throughout your departments. It is centrally supported (IT) but departmentally deployed. It is not an "inventory system", but it makes your existing ERP inventory system accurate and up to the minute.
  2. Investment: We understand that capital budgets are tight. We have established a pricing model to meet the demanding needs of today's public sector budgetary environment. We are not constrained by the typical software vendor pricing model, every Agency is unique and our pricing model reflects that.
  3. Logistics is not an Inventory System: The inventory system is in ERP. Our logistics system approach provides ERP with accurate and timely data to reflect the current situation. In your departments, you have complete information and control of all materials and supplies to operate within expected guidelines.
  4. Deployment can be an "Agency Wide Solution" and fit into the Portfolio of mission critical applications now and in the future. We manage the logistics around their materials, supplies and assets for all their internal systems.

Logistics in a Box Means -

1. A single real-time system for receiving, storing, moving, and accounting for materials, supplies, and assets in the agency

2. Just-in-Time materials logistics

3. Inventory precision and compliance by eliminating paper input systems and report-based data entry

4. Consolidation of tracing and tracking for all supplies, materials, and assets within a single automated logistical system bolted on to ERP.

5. A single version of the truth for all inventory, supplies, and assets across the entire organization, or within a single independent department or consolidated reporting hierarchy

6. Error-proofing the handling of hazardous, restricted, or dangerous materials

7. Extension of your existing ERP system into the proactive management of your receiving, storing, moving, and accounting for materials, supplies, and assets.

8. Accountability for materials, supplies, assets current to the last transaction