WISE: Product Description

Manage materials, supplies, and assets anywhere


Real-time connectivity back to your ERP system increases the accuracy of the receiving function, no matter where it takes place. Whether you receive through a central services facility, or at the individual agencies, information moves through the system in real time without delays. Information is available instantly; to everyone (and every system) that needs the data.

Process Improvement

  • Instantly process and reconcile materials, supplies, or assets with a scan of a bar code or RFID tag on incoming shipments
  • Automatically deliver electronic processing directions for incoming shipments — such as stage for put-away, cross-dock or return if shipment is erroneous
  • Print labels on the spot to replace damaged or missing labels
  • Document undisputable proof of condition for incoming materials and supplies
  • Functions in areas or department that have RF connections, or no RF capabilities


  • Streamlines and error-proofs the receiving process everywhere in the agency
  • Enables instant inventory visibility and availability
  • Eliminates congestion at the dock door if utilizing central services
  • Improves worker productivity
  • Reduces handling paperwork and time for materials and supplies that need to be returned
  • Streamlines the logistics process for faster availability without duplication
  • Easy return of materials, supplies, and assets to vendors

With "On the Spot" Bar Codes, returns can be processed in an instant. Materials and supplies are immediately resolved. Receive credit for returned goods faster. And, items under warranty are replaced faster.

Process Improvement

  • A quick scan of an item bar code or RMA label instantly validates the return and re-enters returned items into your ERP inventory database without cumbersome processes at the ERP level
  • Imaging allows you to snap a photo of the returned assets (if defective) for proof of return and proof of condition


  • Increase productivity — staff can now process returns quickly and easily, with less re-working of paperwork
  • Speed up the processing of credit or the re-shipping of materials, supplies, or assets covered under warranty, boosting internal customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate potential disputes over the condition of returns with photographic (or other methods) of proof of condition

Departmental drop shipping support

If you receive shipments directly to departments, with real-time access to the ERP order database, departments can process incoming shipments in real time connected to the system. This allows direct drop ship to become a reality — improving efficiency by ensuring that each shipment is handled once instead of multiple times. No loss of data integrity, or quality information by taking advantage of this capability.

Process Improvement

  • A quick scan of the bar code on an incoming shipment enables instant identification of orders that should be passed directly to departments without putting them away in an intermediate storage area. Real time data collection along with the docking numbers, staging area, or shipping data can assure accuracy of your internal supply chain.
  • Shipments bound for the same department can be aggregated, minimizing steps and usage of materials handling people and equipment
  • Simple and accurate 3-way matching process eliminates effort and improves account payable cycles


  • Increases productivity — the same staff can now process paperwork in less time and effort
  • Improves receiving times for department personnel
  • Improves utilization of material handling resources
  • Improves resource utilization — the right shipments, aggregated to minimize movement costs and delays

When materials and supplies are put away into storage

With WISE, putting things away is virtually error-free — and you always know materials are in the right location and ready to use. No matter where the materials are located, in a warehouse, in a storeroom, in a vehicle, or in a locker, if materials and supplies are stored, you have instant access to all the information about them.

Process Improvement

  • Scan of the bar code on materials and supplies display the right storage destination and the fastest route to the put-away location
  • Crosscheck put-away accuracy with a scan of a location tag


  • Reduces incoming receipt and storage time and effort
  • Optimizes inventory availability and accuracy — incoming items are promptly stored in the right location, every time
  • Improves worker productivity — the same staff can put away more goods in less time
  • Improved constituent service and satisfaction — inventory is accurate and always in the right location, ready to fulfill requirements promptly

Reducing paperwork and improving work flows

WISE is a paperless system that links the work done in the agency departments back to the ERP system in real time. No more reports runs followed by batch processes and paper documents to be lost, misfiled, or incorrectly filled out. WISE works electronically so your agency can work more efficiently.

Process Improvement

  • Paper fulfillment of orders is replaced by electronic fulfillment, which is sent to desktops, laptops, handheld mobile computers, or smart phones.
  • Replenishment orders also include the fastest route through the process to the recipient
  • A quick scan verifies the correct materials and supplies are going to the right place prior to and after selection from your storage areas, ensuring that the right items are being delivered to the field and avoiding mistakes and incorrect results
  • Kitting groups of materials or supplies when items are needed as a working unit


  • Increases the speed and accuracy of the replenishment cycle
  • Prevents costly unplanned slowdowns due to missing materials or supplies
  • Protects service integrity by preventing delays in receiving needed items for department mission

Keeping track of all materials, supplies, and assets

Whether you are handling materials, supplies, and assets in the form of individual items of any size or quantities in any size, WISE dramatically streamlines and error-proofs the handling and logistics process for fast and accurate fulfillment within the departments.

Process Improvement

  • Paper orders are replaced with electronic messages delivered directly to the people who need them
  • Mobile devices display the location of materials and supplies and the optimal way to store and dispense them.
  • Scanning the bar code, RFID tag, or Asset Tag verifies that the right material, supply or item is being processed
  • Materials and supplies consumed are instantly deducted from inventory (via a real time link to ERP system of record, providing real-time inventory accuracy never before attainable
  • Automatically capture lot numbers, serial numbers, catch weights, and other item-specific information necessary for governance and logistics control


  • Increases productivity in handling materials, supplies, and assets
  • Meet departmental expectations for 99.9 percent ERP inventory and logistics accuracy
  • Improves constituent service — departments receive the right items every time
  • Eliminates costly return processing
  • Utilizes more granular control for first in first out (FIFO) inventory management when desired
  • Reduces out of stock — with real-time inventory visibility, you know instantly when stock is low, ensuring prompt re-ordering
  • Improves information accuracy through automated data capture
  • Enables cost-effective regulatory compliance for time-sensitive issues

Error proof environmental/hazardous materials handling

WISE simplifies the procedures for the latest track and trace regulations for handling items which impact the environment or are classified as hazardous. Federal, state and local regulatory agencies have instituted a wide variety of regulations further complicating the handling of materials, supplies and assets by requiring:

  • Traceability
  • Genealogy
  • Constant visibility

Management of the new standards such as the GS1 bar code, which embeds more information about materials and supplies to help with traceability and provides consistent identifiers as materials and supplies travel from stop to stop, helping further streamline and error-proof entire supply chains.

You need to build a lean, nimble internal supply chain that is ready for anything the future may bring. You need a holistic real-time view of materials and supplies throughout the agency. You are now able to capture more information about materials and supplies usage, status and efficiency while at the same time reducing the costs and overhead of handling these items.

Management Visibility and Control

With eWISE, your managers can remain where they are most effective — in the department where they can best serve the public. Away from their desktop computer and desk phones managing paper systems, they can have access to information required to keep operating at peak efficiency — not doing repetitive data entry.

Process Improvement

  • Monitor and make real-time changes in schedules to address problems that could impact service levels
  • Receive instant notification anywhere and anytime when low inventory thresholds are reached to ensure timely re-ordering
  • Instantly receive real-time messaging and alerts


  • Improve manager efficiency and effectiveness
  • Complete visibility to operating conditions
  • Improve inventory control
  • Better management and utilization of the workforce
  • Eliminate out of stocks, preventing lost sales and unplanned production line downtime
  • Protect and improve customer service and satisfaction