Royal 4: Implementation

R4 Project Methodology (RPM)


Implementation is when the realization of your vision as expressed through your system specifications begins. Royal 4 Software Professional Services provides a well-planned, well-executed, implementation approach led by an experienced team. Royal 4 feels that this is our responsibility, after seeing and assisting in the success of hundreds of software implementations, to bring our experience and directed approach to your project.

In order to properly address your budget, timeline, and requirements, Royal 4 relies on the right blend of People, Process, and Technology. At the root of every successful implementation is a successful team. Royal 4 provides a small team of knowledgeable staff to assist you through the implementation process. Royal 4 focuses on individuals dedicated to success, with a passion to deliver.

Royal 4 is proud of the team that has been assembled today, and our strict hiring practices ensure the teams of tomorrow will be equally as impressive. Royal 4 brings our technical team alongside your knowledgeable project team in a way that not only ensures success of the initial implementation, but also creates a knowledge-sharing environment that will permit your team to carry the torch long after our team completes its mission. You will be working with the same project manager who began the process, understands your mission and objectives, and knows your requirements well.

To help ensure the right process, Royal 4 will leverage our Royal 4 Project Methodology (RPM), which unites a blend of leading software and implementation lifecycle methodologies with the unique benefits of our Rules-Based architecture. Royal 4 feels this is an implementation advantage unparalleled in the industry.

Royal 4 will not use technology for technology’s sake, but rather take a pragmatic approach toward its use in project collaboration, knowledge reuse and project tracking. For collaboration, Royal 4 utilizes tools that allow project team members (you the customer, partners and the Royal 4 resources) to gain access and collaborate around key project deliverables from anywhere in the world. This set of Internet-based tools, exclusive to Royal 4 Professional Services, creates widespread visibility to the project timeline, status reporting, all project documents and key discussion threads. Notification is a key component to our collaboration tools, so Royal 4 uses alert functionality to notify all team members when any element in the collaboration "room" changes. This is a great way for project team members to spend just the right amount of time focusing on group efforts versus individual assignments. For agencies with limited resources, we want to assure that time is not wasted, effort duplicated, or information miscommunication.

Knowledge reuse and leverage are also very important aspects to any successful project, especially those with aggressive timelines, limited staff, and tight budgets. Royal 4 Professional Services uses a well-established knowledge repository that not only leverages knowledge objects across our projects, but from one phase to the next within projects. Royal 4 believes you should not have to recreate documentation from one phase to the next, but rather leverage documentation that is used in the upfront design in all other phases of the project, especially in testing and training.

Royal 4 measures success the way you do - on-time, on-budget, with complete adherence to requirements and with as little impact on your day-to-day operations as possible. Royal 4 will help guide you every step of the way, and constant communication (real-time visibility) to the project budget and timeline will ensure there are no surprises.

A key question few customers ask, but one that is important for you to know about any vendor you evaluate, is "How do we measure success?". While not exclusive to this list, some of our key measurements for the professional services staff include:

  • Satisfied Clients: Reference accounts are important to us; Royal 4 takes this a step further and demands every customer be a Raving Fan. Royal 4 wants your and operations staff to see value and efficiency through the use of our software; Royal 4 wants your Information Technology staff to have an easily maintainable solution that allows them to be flexible to your changing environment; and Royal 4 wants your Executive Staff to clearly see the ROI associated with a Royal 4 solution. Royal 4 will stop at nothing short of these goals.

  • Customer Ownership: After seeing many of the "software companies of the 90s" create solutions that were difficult to maintain, impossible to upgrade, and complex to understand, Royal 4 Professional Services formulated a mission to make our solutions the easiest to maintain, in all of these aspects. This creates a sense of customer ownership during and after the go-live, as well as makes everyone comfortable that a maintainable solution has been created.

  • On Time and on Budget: Royal 4 recognizes that this implementation is important to you and makes it our mission to deliver upon our promises. Oftentimes, careers and reputations hang in the balance, and Royal 4 takes the responsibility of on-time, on-budget delivery very seriously. In addition, through the use of online, real-time tools, Royal 4 allows you to see our progress against the budget and milestones at any point during the project. Once again, there are no surprises.

  • Team Communication: Effective communication among the members of the project team is essential to ensuring smooth operations from both a personnel and operational perspective. Royal 4 knows that you will enjoy working with the team assembled and stresses constant, open discourse to bring issues into the open as quickly as possible so that they can be resolved in a timely manner.

  • ROI: Three of the most important letters for governance. This implementation must deliver. Royal 4 must save you time and money operationally, so proving a tangible ROI is critical to calling your project a true success. Royal 4 will focus the solution and your team toward functionality that delivers the greatest ROI in the shortest timeframe possible. It will be the center of many of our design sessions and a key litmus test used throughout the project. The key question will always be "Are we meeting the requirements and expectations of all the stakeholders?"

  • Meet the Demands of Your Dynamic Environment: Royal 4 is proud to have created a solution that, above all, meets the demands of your ever-changing environment. Environments change for many reasons: economic conditions, opportunity, changing regulations or rules, volumes, and many others. Royal 4 Professional Services is dedicated to creating a solution that will change with you and ensure complete upgradeability to future versions of the Royal 4 Software suite.


The R4 Project Methodology (RPM) is the roadmap for the journey to a successful project implementation. It provides direction, milestones, ‘preflight’ checklists, and answers to questions such as ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘when’ and ‘how.’ RPM is built around the following assumptions:

  • Software and financial best practices are our area of expertise, but no one knows your agency as well as you.

  • You want to participate in the implementation, but you want direction on what tasks need to be completed and when.

  • You want the project to be predictable, and you want to know what you’re going to get for your money—and when.

  • You want a high quality system that fits your budget and time constraints.

  • You want to use Royal 4 as little as possible after go-live, and therefore want to receive training throughout the implementation project, not just at the end.

RPM is streamlined. Royal 4 doesn’t clutter it up with unnecessary detail to make it pass a ‘weight test.’ It includes an ideal mix of structure and flexibility to meet the needs of our customer’s projects, which range from large, highly complex, multi-site rollouts to small-scale, single-site deployments. Royal 4 can do this because most of the same activities need to occur regardless of the size of the project. However, the complexity of those activities and the time they take will certainly vary.

RPM is predictable. The keys to predictability are good planning and good communication. RPM supports both of these by providing deliverables that allow both Royal 4 and customer Project Managers to build the plan together and then keep each other informed about the progress of their respective teams.

RPM is customer-friendly. As mentioned previously, there are five phases to RPM: Define, Configure, Validate, Deploy and Sustain.

  • Define starts with creating project enthusiasm and momentum. Its focus is the System Workshop where Royal 4 understands your requirements and provides expertise to help you to build competitive advantage for your business.

  • Configure is the phase where any required changes are made to the application, most facility preparation is completed, and interfaces, reports and custom Web screens are developed.

  • Validate begins with the Functional Application Review, the event where the joint Customer/Royal 4 team confirms that your solution is delivered as it was defined. This phase also includes all integration and end-to-end testing with regard to host systems, material handling equipment, etc.

  • Deploy includes all pre- and post-go-live activities, such as data conversion, physical inventory, go-live prep checklist and post go-live support.

  • Sustain begins with a formal transition to Continuing Support. It includes post-implementation support and services such as performance tuning, upgrades, etc.