Royal 4: Empower Your ERP

Empower your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with WISE


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have been successfully deployed as the best way to manage all aspects of a jurisdiction’s governance and reporting obligations. Typically, ERP is the global method of reporting inventory and assets, but the tracking and tracing of these items is woefully inadequate. There are many reasons for this, but in simple terms, ERP was not designed to keep track of real-time events required to manage materials, supplies, and assets as they traverse the jurisdiction. Commercial enterprises have recognized this for a long time, and now the Public Sector can take advantage of these best practices.

For the most part, ERP provides support for manually collecting and reporting the status of both inventory and assets. What is missing is ability to cost effectively feed data to these systems, and the lack of timeliness for decision making. In many cases, ERP information relating to inventory and asset status and disposition is not accurate except for the periods immediately following physical inventory (of materials, supplies, and assets) counts. This mimics the "broken clock" model where the broken clock is correct two times per day; all other times must be estimated. This is not a shortfall of ERP, but getting it right is the domain of material logistics.

Adding material logistics with WISE (defined as the planning and control of the flow of materials, supplies, and assets through an organization in real time) extends the value of ERP, renders the accuracy of ERP data to nearly 100%, increase ERP return on investment (ROI) for decision making, and reduce the payback period for the investment made in ERP.

There are two benefits to adding paperless, real-time logistics capability to the ERP:

  1. To "extend and enhance the value of the ERP" (overcoming ERP’s shortfalls in real-time logistics)
  2. Logistics Extension to ERP is necessary for departments to be successful with up-to-the-minute data for decision making. This is all about giving departments what they need to make good decision.

ERP is the right choice for aspects of the internal systems requirements for accountability and control of the agency; WISE Logistics is not in direct competition with ERP, but rather "bolts on" to ERP as the extension into the granular management of tasks and data gathering ERP materials, supplies, and assets requirements for data. WISE is real-time, paperless, logistics system, a complement to ERP, extending and enhancing ERP’s reach and visibility down to the user departments. This is WISE’ entire focus from a company and product perspective, representing a best-in-class solution.

WISE establishes a platform to globally manage the logistics functions of tracing and tracking of Materials, Supplies, and Assets in an agency directly integrated with a platform to manage Agency financial systems, ERP.

This is what the ISO has endorsed in their standards for the complementary aspects of enterprise systems. The information that follows is organized on each criterion that demonstrates WISE’s capabilities in managing real-time logistics operations and extending the capabilities of an ERP to manage an agency from a financial and operational perspective.