(3rd Party Logistics)

WISE 3-PL, Royal 4 System's collaborative distribution and supply chain execution solution, delivers total coordination of receiving, putaway, warehousing, shipping and third party billing operations as they occur. WISE 3PL supports your lean distribution initiatives by spotlighting value-add activities while standardizing your operating processes.

Order demand is fulfilled directly from warehouses, distribution outlets, or production without the delays associated with batch and frequently outdated planning cycles. It is a comprehensive enterprise solution that promotes collaboration between your employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

WISE 3PL quickly and efficiently links all your operations promoting efficient use of capital by optimally synchronizing people, equipment and inventory for maximum utilization, productivity and output.


Features and benefits include:

  • Order consolidation and sequencing eliminate redundant setups and teardowns in a multi customer, multi-sku environment.
  • Paperless transactions eliminate paperwork costs while maximize quality.
  • Cross docking reduces inventories and eliminates redundant picking and put-away activity.
  • Warehouse location profiling, navigation logic, and task interleaving eliminate backtracking and deadheading.
  • Paperless scan-and-verify logistics eliminates picking and shipping errors.
  • Accurate, up-to-date inventory visibility maximizes order fill rates, accelerates revenues, and minimizes inventory control costs.
  • Improved customer satisfaction resulting from better responsiveness to customer needs, improved product quality, shipping accuracy and billing accuracy.
  • Proposes put away tasks according to your warehouse navigation rules for each individual customer.
  • Engineered Labor standards
  • Multiple ownerships are supported
  • Event Billing (any event in the system can automatically be billed up to 5 decimal points)
  • Multiple contracts supported (can have different pricing for each of your customers)

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