WISEAM Asset Management

The WISE asset management system is designed to effortlessly track and report on computers, equipment, vehicles, furniture, and any other valuable assets. The ability to track capital equipment, furniture, computers, and all other valuable assets is now just a Barcode or RFID Tag away!

With WISEam you can utilize the comprehensive asset information you need to execute an effective asset management strategy. WISEam will track and help you to manage your assets and their changing configurations and relationships at every stage of their lifecycle. By consolidating distributed assets into a single, integrated view, you will get an accurate picture of your assets on an ongoing basis.

WISEam also offers wireless Shipment Verification. Utilizing a Web Browser, (with secure login security) you can monitor Real-Time Shipment and Delivery verification, complete with Signature Capture Capabilities.

Enter / Capture the Organizational Data:

  • Building
  • Departments
  • Room Number
  • Personnel the Asset was Assigned to

Enter / Capture the Asset Information:

  • Barcode / RFID Tag
  • Location / Room / Personnel
  • User Defined Details
  • Purchasing / Vendor Information
  • Dates: Expiration, Replacement, Recall


  • Location / Asset Barcoding Capabilities
  • User Defined Flexible Fields and Labels
  • Text and Web Reporting
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Complete Sorting, Querying Capabilities
  • Warranty and Lease Expiration Monitoring
  • Meet Govt. and Audit Requirements
  • View Depreciation Reporting
  • Consolidated Asset Views
  • Keep Asset's Entire Historical Data 


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